2nd Light

Why do I keep believing weather forecasts!....although the moon is still at its brightest the sky was much clearer tonight so I couldn't resist giving the apo another go....This time I pointed it at M106 and took a pile of 150 second exposures which gave a noticeably better result than my first light attempt. The edge of the image reveals the absense of a field flattener which is already in the pipeline but it looks as though it has the potential for some good results when conditions are better for deep sky photography. I chose this particular scope because it is relatively fast at f5.6 (this will be around f4.5 with a field flattener)which should provide a larger field than most other apos of this aperture. Image details: William Optics Megrez 88 apo....15x 150 second exposures with CLS in DSS & CS2.....( It keeps surprising me just how much things have changed with the digital age. I would have been very pleased with this image had it been taken with film on a dark and moonless night ).

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