Cepheus Flower

Getting the subs for this image proved to be a bit of an adventure when the guider refused to perform properly. Finding a bright enough guide star for the subject was difficult and when I eventually did so it didn't want to behave. After nearly two hours of trying to sort the problem it turned out that I was probably trying to guide on the star at the centre of the chosen subject and the associated nebulosity was confusing the guiding software. As my guidescope is remotely adjusted it is difficult to know for sure quite what stars it is seeing (that's my excuse anyway!) . After opting for a less bright alternative the session ended up running well into the early hours but it was worth a late night to get a different colour image for a change....NGC 7023 (The Iris Nebula) is a bright reflection nebula in Cepheus. Details: 10" F4.3 Newt. 10x 10minute exposures @iso8oo with CLS in DSS, CS2 & XAT Image Optimiser.

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