Guiding software & NGC 2174

At last a clear evening after the prolonged cold spell that had put a good layer of snow on my observatory roof as well as freezing it shut. Meanwhile the Christmas illuminations had been extinguished so hopefully the chance of some serious imaging had returned. I decided to try using some different guiding software in my pursuit of improving this element of my system.
I had tried MetaGuide before but its complexity was bewildering compared to the simplicity of PHD which I have been using since starting this blog. However the latest version of MetaGuide has now made it more user friendly and easier to set up. This time I got it running with few problems and initial results look as though it is more suited to my system than PHD....time will tell.
I made an attempt at NGC 2174, a fairly large emission nebula in Orion which is now becoming well placed in my sky. Details: 10" F4.3 Newt. 12x 8 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS , CS2 & XAT.

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