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Before some forecast rain and gales arrived a clear spell allowed me to get some subs for this small nebula in Cassiopeia. The object is another of the targets in this area of sky that I have yet to find an identity for (it is at RA 23.53 DEC +60.28). It seems a while since I did any deep sky and this was confirmed by my taking 4 subs and wondering why they were overly green in colour. Eventually I realised I had just wasted 40 minutes with the wrong white balance on the camera! It was pleasing to only lose one other sub as the scope went through the meridian when the guiding becomes unreliable. Details: 10" f4.3 Newt. 12x 10 minute exposures @ iso1600 with CLS in DSS, CS2 & XAT.
(John has now identified this as Sharpless2-168)


John said...

Pete.Fantastic pic! Looks like it is Sh 2-168 Another image is here http://galaxymap.org/cgi-bin/details.py?id=22239&t=hii&s=4_p52.0xp21.5&name=S168

P said...

Thanks John....definitely the one! I must find some better references.