Testing, problems & a jellyfish

A recent run of clear evenings have been devoted to testing as the moon has been too much in evidence for much serious imaging. I'm finding MetaGuide more useful than PHD for getting some useful feedback on what is happening with the guiding. Unfortunately obtaining perfect collimation on the Newtonian is proving difficult so I'm now convinced that my rebuilt spider does have a fundamental flaw which will only be solved by another rebuild; this time with a bit more care I hope. I'm beginning to suspect that the CLS filter, though indispensible, might be introducing some slight distortion to the field positioned as it is within the camera though I haven't tested this seriously. Last night I did make an attempt at IC 443 ( The Jellyfish Nebula in Gemini) before the moon became a problem but the transparency wasn't too good and the final image was a bit of a processing excercise. Details: Megrez88 apo + TS. 12x 8 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS, CS2 & Photobrush.


caracol_uk said...

If it's any consolation my attempts to take advantage of the recent run of clear nights were also suitably defeated by a fault on my Gemini unit. After an hour and a half setting up I reached the point where I was able to power up the electronics only to see a boot up error rendering the mount unusable.

Still, there'll be other clear nights!

P said...

It does seem an excercise in frustration when there are so many factors to sort out and things conspire to fail at such an essential level. I hope the next clear night (whenever!!)will bring greater success.

caracol_uk said...

I've arranged to swap my Gemini system for a replacement on Saturday so, not wanting to sound unfair, if we could use up the February "cloudy night quota" between now and the weekend that would be great!