What looked to be a predictably clear evening with a chance to nail a few objects turned out to be a frustrating session which exposed a number of problems that I must get sorted. Primarily is the method of centering objects in the frame which needs improvement if I am to avoid endless time consuming test exposures especially on very faint objects. The guiding gets less reliable once the scope has passed the meridian so some more attention to balance required there I suspect. Smokey chimneys were a real nuisance and the build up of fug on top of the other problems brought things to a premature halt. The only product worth posting was an attempt at M77 though this was affected by guiding problems so only four of the subs were useable. This is getting a bit too far over from my site now so another chance at it will have to go on the waiting list....It did pick up NGC 1072 however. Details: modified 450D + Astronomik CSL @ iso400. 4x 240 second exposures in DSS & CS2.

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