A windy owl

A change in the weather brought some windier conditions and the chance of a more transparent sky at last. Last night looked promising so I started imaging with some optimism. I was pleased to find that the guidestar and declination clutch problems were much improved though small patches of cloud constantly blowing through were making it difficult to get a run of consistent exposures in what was the clearest sky for some time. The wind buffeting the scope wasn't very helpful and this culminated in a potential disaster when a particularly vicious gust blew half the observatory roof down onto the scope cutting short a run of exposures somewhat frustratingly. Fortunately it hit it end on and escaped any major damage....if it had been pointing elsewhere there might have been some tears. Definitely some modifications needed to prevent a repeat performance. I did get a result on M97 (The Owl Nebula) however....Details: 8x 5 minute exposures @ iso 800 with CLS filter in DSS & CS2 + Nebulosity.

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