A tiny bit more

Not a very exciting image for this post but I was curious about the small spot of nebulosity to the upper right of the Pelican Nebula so decided to take a shot of it with my main scope. Intermittent cloud made the subs rather variable so the final image might have been a bit more interesting otherwise. The only identity I could find for it is TYC 3178-632-1. (John has now identified it as LBN 341 in Lynd's Bright Nebula Catalogue). Details: 5x 7 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS & CS2.


John said...

Pete, I think it's LBN341 ie no 341 in the Lynds Bright Nebula catalogue 1965. More details if I get em.

P said...

I didn't spot your comment earlier John so apologies for the late response....Have just found the LBN Catalogue on line and the co-ordinates do match 341 so thanks for giving it a proper ID.