Comet 2011 P1 Garradd

With my somewhat limited imaging sky the chances of a bright comet appearing in a good enough position to use my Newtonian are severely reduced. With Comet 2011 P1 Garradd being amenable to my situation it was good to have the opportunity to acquire a fairly high resolution image of this welcome visitor. The first of the 30 x 4minute sub exposures was taken around midnight on 7/8/11 with transparency being quite good throughout the untroubled session. Lying near the Pegasus/Delphinus border the comet is at mag 8.6. Details: 10" f4.3 Newt. 30x 4minute exposures @ iso1600 with CLS in DSS, FIV, CS2 & XAT. (a video of the comet's movement during the exposures can be found below)

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