Further North & M 81

At last an evening with decent transparency promised a productive session. However the price for transparency often seems to be poor seeing and last night proved no exception. I commenced by trying for M 67 & NGC 2903 but the guiding was very erratic due to the seeing and results disappointing. It was 11pm before the atmosphere began to settle and I was able to obtain some better subs for M 81 which gave a more satisfying result than the earlier subjects. M 81 is about at the northerly limit my present situation allows me to image.
Details: 10" f4.3 Newt. 5x 8 minute + 7x 10 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS, CS2 @ XAT.


John said...

Pete. Brilliant! This is my favourite of all your images (so far) It's at least as good as anything foming from the big names.Great Stuff!!

P said...

Thanks for the really nice comment John.... Unlike others it seemed to process well without much effort.