The Dumbell

With the evenings now lengthening, after imaging NGC 7635, I was able to fit in a set of subs for a fairly deep image of M 27 (The Dumbell Nebula). This is such a relatively bright object that much shorter exposures than the 7 minute subs used here would still produce a pleasing image. Details: 10" F4.3 Newt. 10x 7 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS & CS2.

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caracol_uk said...

A remarkable image Pete. The last time I observed the dumbbell nebula (albeit through a 6" Maksutov) I could only just make out the dumbbell shape from the mediocre conditions of my back garden. It really is quite impressive the level of detail you've captured in this image. Looks like there'll be no shortage of material for the MKAS calendar next year!