A troublesome Sharpless

Obtaining the subs for this image proved to be rather difficult as an extended period of sky clarity refused to appear. For the first time the somewhat variable subs were spread over 3 different evenings as cloud and wind conspired to cut short consecutive sessions.....At mag 8.1 Sharpless2 - 156 (IC 1470) is another small and bright nebula in Cepheus. As a result of the difficulties I decided to try and modify the observatory to reduce the problem of sudden wind gusts buffeting the scope so hopefully a sheet of plywood and my doubtful carpentry skills will have effected an improvement....time will tell! Details: 10" f4.3 Newt. 14 x 7 minute exposures @ iso1600 with CLS in DSS, FIV, CS2 & XAT.

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