NGC 891

Prior to my attempt at IC 405 and while the moon was quite high I opted for NGC 891 which is a fairly bright edge on galaxy in Andromeda. I thought this would be less troubled by the moon than a target with more extended nebulosity and it would put to good use the time while waiting for the sky to become less lunar affected. The transparency wasn't as good as later on when I did the subs for IC 405 but I'm quite pleased with how well the dust lane shows. The included sub (circa.8.00pm) shows how much the moon's effect and transparency changed during the evening when compared to the sub of IC 405 (circa 12.45am) on the previous post. Details: 10" F4.3 Newt. 14x 8 minute exposures @iso800 with CLS in DSS, Photobrush & XAT.

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