Windy galaxies

Two more images from this windy session are of NGC 2537(The Bear Paw Galaxy) and M51 (The Whirlpool Galaxy). The wind was really buffeting the scope while I was taking the Bear Paw subs which made them a bit "mushy" so I feel this might have been a bit sharper (the other galaxy is IC 2233). Details: 10x 5 minute exposures @ iso800 + CLS in DSS & CS2.
It was while I was taking the M51 subs that the observatory roof blew onto the scope so I was limited to 4 subs to play with (the galaxy at bottom right is IC 4263)....This is such a spectacular object I look forward to having a less troubled attempt at it asap.
Details: 4x 5 minute exposures @ iso8oo + CLS in DSS & CS2.
On recent images I am surprised at just how many faint galaxies are showing up. When using film I'm sure most of these would have been totally out of reach under MK skies.

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