After my moans about the conditions on the last post. Two days later some windier weather helped produce one of the clearest evenings for a long time. I decided to repeat my 50mm visit to Cygnus. This time I attempted to get a deeper image with some longer exposures and higher iso settings. I also changed the field to get more of the heart of the constellation. Although the result is obviously deeper than my previous attempt it is not considerably so given the much better conditions and much longer total exposure time. The second image is the area below with NGC 6992 (The Veil Nebula) roughly central and the open cluster NGC 6940 in Vulpecula quite obvious lower right of the Veil. Details (top image): 450D with 50mm @ F.4 & iso800. 7x 7 minute exposures + 5x 10 minute exposures with CLS in DSS & XAT Image Optimiser. The second image same as but only 5x 7 minute exposures.

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