Jupiter for a change

With Jupiter now well placed and a bright moon preventing serious deep sky I thought I would have another try at some planetary imaging and getting to grips with the Registax software. As usual the seeing looked quite poor but after a bit of patience a calmer spell arrived around 2am which coincided with the Red Spot being nicely placed. It was good to see both equatorial belts have returned to normal since I last attempted an image of the planet. Although my fast Newtonian is hardly the ideal planetary instrument it does seem capable of yielding a reasonable result at times. This is a stack of the best 800 frames taken from a 2000 frame video. Details: 10"Newtonian F4.3, Canon 550D with EOS Camera Movie Record using 2x Barlow together with a 2x teleconverter processed in Registax, FIV & XAT.


John said...

Fantastic Pete. Must be the best DSLR planetary pic I've seen. Specially with the short fl.

Simon said...

I second that. There's so much detail in the image it's almost tangible. It's a really impressive image.

I spent a few hours imaging Jupiter with a webcam earlier in the week. Despite collecting over 100,000 frames my results were very disappointing. If it was easy it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun!


P said...

Thankyou for your positive comments John/Simon....It's a pity that periods of good seeing seem so hard to find.