Turn Canon EOS (with liveview) into webcam

While trying to find a way of downloading the video from my 550D directly onto my computer without having to use a card in the camera I came across this piece of free software which will effectively turn any EOS camera with liveview into a webcam that records AVI files. It works very well and I used it to capture the frames for the Jupiter images on the previous post. I think the frame rate you get is dependent on your CPU. On my machine while monitoring the live image the rate is around 9 fps. If I turn off the live image the rate jumps to nearly 30 fps. The only other issue I found with it is that it keeps losing connection with the camera after about 6 minutes unless the camera's power saving function is turned off.

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Using SparkoCam from http://sparkosoft.com you can use Canon 550D as webcam.