It doesn't get any easier

The lack of any new posts appearing has been largely due to the moon being very prominent and a general lack of clear periods since it disappeared. However this did allow me to experiment with the HD video mode on my Canon 550D both on the moon and Jupiter which is now well placed. The resolution appears to be very good for producing stacked lunar & planetary images though I haven't found a period of good enough seeing to get anything worthwhile.
Last year my sky was quite badly affected by the town's Christmas lights which spray multi-coloured illumination everywhere for 5 weeks. These are switched on at the end of November so I was hoping to get some periods of decent imaging before this occurs. I was therefore dismayed to find that the nearby church tower has now been floodlit with a considerable amount of stray light now spilling across the area of sky where I do most of my serious imaging. I am posting a couple of 10 minute subs (albeit of different subjects) but on nights of similar transparency to show just how severe the problem is....A bit of patience required it seems!

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