More modification

During my recent saga involving the new spider and collimation issues some shortcomings of my focuser became apparent. Despite appearing to be a robust & solidly built Crayford device, when using a laser collimator it became obvious that a significant amount of off-axis movement occurred when applying a small amount of sideways pressure to the focus tube. This implied that when a camera was attached its weight was probably sufficient to change the collimation as the scope was moved around the sky. For eyepiece viewing this would be a negligible issue but when trying to maintain a flat photographic field it was worth trying to make some improvements. Adding some additional support to the focus tube within the scope seemed the way to go so another trip to B & Q for some more aluminium strip was called for. Using some longer bolts to attach the focuser to the telescope provided some solid location points for the ensuing creation. It appears to make a considerable improvement so will hopefully be worth the effort. A coat of the ubiquitous matt black now required.

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