Eventually California

With another clear night forecast I had a couple more targets in Cassiopeia on the hit list. However the evening went far from planned and was beset with problems. The predicted clarity didn't arrive until fairly late and things didn't run smoothly after I decided to change my calibration star from Deneb to Alpheratz. It took me some considerable time to find and get the desired target (NGC 896) centred in the camera. Strong gusts of wind kept buffeting the scope once I did eventually start imaging then half way through taking a third sub the guiding software crashed my computer; a problem I hadn't encountered before. After rebooting and recalibrating the guider Cassiopeia had gone too far over to continue with my original target. The transparency was good and the wind had abated so to get something from the evening I hurriedly pointed the scope at the California Nebula. Though too large a target for the field of the Newtonian at least it was easy to find and I was able to catch some of its wispy nebulosity (this is the full camera frame).. Details: 10x 7 minute exposures @ iso800 with CLS in DSS,CS2 & XAT.

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