Some stars at last!

At last an evening when I was free of other commitments and some stars were on view....I decided to have a try at the Rosette Nebula with my main scope at prime focus though the field was too small to capture anything other than the central region. The lack of H-alpha sensitivity with my unmodded camera became evident immediately when a 4 minute sub failed to show any obvious nebulosity though there was a light haze reducing the transparency and adding to the sky glow which didn't help. I went ahead and took 8 x 4minute subs (@iso 400) which did reveal some nebulosity when combined in DSS and butchered in CS2. It is becoming obvious that having a modified camera is a neccessity to get much of a result on this type of object.

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Gareth said...

Great to see a preprocessed image. The light pollution in MK is pretty bad - its comforting to see that I'm not the only one in MK who's fighting the haze.

You have some great captures