Old Faithful

My main telescope is a 10" f 4.3 Newtonian. It was purchased as a tube assembly from Astro Systems (Luton) in the mid 1980s. Unfortunately this company no longer exists. The optics are by David Hinds. The mount is a home built fork (at that time I had friends who ran a small engineering company who allowed me the use of their equipment). The drives & controller were also purchased from Astro Systems. It has been a bit mutilated over the years as various modifications have been tried and abandoned. There is an additional 3.1/2" f.5 guidescope though at the moment I use this as an oversized finder. I guide with an old 80mm binocular objective which allows guide stars to be found easily and seems to work OK with the auto-guider despite its short focal length. As a small (very small!) contribution to reducing the global warming problem the whole thing including the camera & motor focus is powered by an inverter on a battery charged by solar panels....star powered! (click on image for larger view)

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